This page explains how personal data is handled at Maruhisa Co., Ltd.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

Personal data is collected through legitimate and fair means, with the purpose of use disclosed publicly in advance and user consent obtained prior to collection unless otherwise permitted under the law.
Personal data collected is used within the scope of its intended purpose and handled appropriately.

Management of Personal Data

A Personal Data Management Officer is appointed to manage data strictly to prevent third-party breaches. Safety measures against unauthorized access by a third party as well as the loss, falsification, or breach of personal data are also in place in an effort to protect personal data.
When outsourcing the handling of personal data, appropriate measures are in place, which include selecting contractors able to handle personal data appropriately and including clauses on the management of personal data, confidentiality, prohibition of subcontracting, and other necessary matters in contracts.

Provision of Personal Data

Maruhisa does not disclose or provide personal data to a third party other than a contractor without the consent of the user.
However, personal data may be disclosed or provided without the consent of the user when disclosure is required under the law or requested by a government agency.

Respect for User Rights

Maruhisa respects the rights of the user regarding personal data and respects user wishes when a request to disclose, correct, or delete personal data belonging to that user is received.