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Maruhisa is an apparel manufacturer with a global network and wide-ranging capabilities.
Our own overseas factories and unique production system enable us to provide all-inclusive services from planning to delivery, responding to customers’ orders with high quality products.
The Maruhisa Standard is a commitment to craftsmanship down to the threads and fabric of a piece of clothing.
From Tokushima to the world, we at Maruhisa will always continue to evolve.

Our Business

Our Factory

Factories capable of handling a wide range of customer requests

We have established our own network in which everything is done within the company, from yarn provision, fabric production, development, dyeing, and procuring secondary materials, to trade and even logistics.
We are developing our own SSCM (Sustainable Supply Chain Management) on a global scale, creating a flow that enables us to offer products packed with both quality and originality.


Developing fabrics that earn high customer satisfaction

We develop fabrics with the creation of added value in mind, based on data from our clients and market research.
We are constantly honing our knowledge and technology to create a development environment that places importance on quality and safety.


More than 40 years of
experience in clothing for children and babies, as well as men and women

A number of professionals, from MDs and sales representatives to designers and pattern makers, work together to create fashion products that our customers love.

Other Businesses

Maruhisa Brand

Food Product Business


A bridge between Japan and Bangladesh

We have spent many years building a genuine partnership that not only strengthens economic ties but also allows us to understand and respect each other’s lifestyles and cultures. We at Maruhisa believe that true partnership means creating a business that is mutually valuable and sustainable into the future.
We will continue our efforts to build a bridge between Japan and Bangladesh that goes beyond corporate relations in the name of a long-lasting partnership between the two countries.