Market Research

A proposal system powered by research from diverse perspectives to ensure customer satisfaction

As a planner

Research from a retail perspective

Trends in the world of apparel are always changing. Through our daily marketing research, we quickly identify market trends and consumer needs and reflect them in our product planning in real time.
We not only respond to our clients’ requests but also help them improve their planning accuracy by providing proposal-based planning that takes customer perspectives into account.

As a producer

Research to give shape to your needs

In addition to our own factories, we are constantly looking for new sourcing locations around the world so that we can propose optimal production sites to our customers.
With the robust production technologies that also enable us to develop our fabrics, we are able to provide comprehensive support to the extent of giving shape to the needs of our customers and the market at large.

Women’s Clothing

“Longing for the items that we truly want”
In pursuit of comfort with beautiful shapes

Our commitment to the development of quality clothing goes from the selection of yarns all the way to the shapes and textures of the fabric.

Comfortable, beautiful, easy to move in, and makes every day more fun.
Our pattern designers work as a team to develop products that meet those standards.
The women’s market is one where trends change quickly, and we are constantly engaged in research and development so that we can offer products that will please our customers.

Handled brands

Men’s Clothing

“For simple yet stylish fashion”
Texture, comfort, and attention to detail for quality that stands out.

Clothing with quality construction at reasonable prices
To meet the needs of the men’s clothing market, we research and develop fabrics mainly in our Bangladesh factory based on marketing research to create products that stand out from the rest in terms of fabric thickness, elasticity, and texture.

“Everything from the fabric to the finished products is carefully crafted with our own hands.”
Maruhisa’s provides products to our customers with a commitment to quality manufacturing.

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Children’s Clothing

“Planning and production that covers everything from daily wear to special occasions”
Products for daily life that will put a smile on your face whenever you wear them.

Our planning, design, and fabric selection cover the spectrum from basic to trendy, and we offer a wide range of products for everyday wear as well as various occasions.

The products we offer will put smiles on the faces of the children who wear them every day. More than simply being cute or cool, they are also made with comfort and functionality in mind, as well as with features that make them easy to take care of from the parents’ point of view.

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Baby Clothing

“Thorough quality control for peace of mind”
Special clothes for that special time of their lives

When you want only the best for your precious baby...
We produce safe and reliable products at reasonable prices with strict quality control on par with Japanese standards, primarily at our factory in Bangladesh.
We also propose “cute” items that can only be worn when children are of this tender age.

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