Maruhisa Brand

A brand created by a children’s clothing manufacturer with more than 60 years of history.
“ever closet” Making the best of our technology and unbending concept developed over our many years of experience to create products with “truly good quality”.
That is our mission.

Ever closet makes three promises so that you’ll make it a “familiar part of your daily life.”

  1. 1

    Commitment to high-quality materials, careful construction, and strict quality control

  2. 2

    Offering clothing that is both cute and highly functional for kids as well as moms and dads

  3. 3

    Making clothing that is considerate of the future environment that children will inherit and keeps the SDGs in mind

We hope to use the production of ever closet brand clothing to create a cycle of happiness for everyone involved, including the customers, the environment, our friends overseas that make them, as well as the Earth itself.

We will continue to make things so that children can spend their childhoods enjoying quality products.


Group Companies


Producer and seller of the “Kintoki Bijin” brand of Japanese sweet potatoes (High Grade No. 14)

We are carrying out BOP (Base Of economic Pyramid) business at the request of JICA and the government of Bangladesh.
We are making efforts to create a culture of eating sweet potatoes, create a market for them, import processing technology from Japan, and create jobs locally.

As a local subsidiary of the Maruhisa Group in Bangladesh, we continue to take on challenges in new markets by producing and selling High Grade No. 14 sweet potatoes of a similar variety as Naruto Kintoki (brand name: Kintoki Bijin).

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