In endless pursuit of developing fabrics that satisfy our customers

With know-how gained over more than 40 years of fabric development, we develop fabrics that meet the needs of our customers while also staying up-to-date on market trends.
Our integrated in-house production covers everything from yarn procurement to knitting, dyeing, and processing, so we can continue to provide our customers with high-quality, safety-conscious fabrics at reasonable prices.

Providing fabrics & raw materials

We utilize the global network we have developed through our years of experience to deliver the raw materials that are best suited to market needs and social trends.
We propose and procure a wide range of raw materials, from environmentally- and resource-conscious sustainable raw materials to rare cotton fabrics as well as synthetic fibers.

Functional products that meet diverse needs

We develop new fabrics to match market needs determined through market research, as well as “functional fabrics” to meet the needs of consumers.

  • Moisture-absorbing & quick-drying
  • Cool feel
  • UV cut
  • Mosquito-proof
  • Water-repellent
  • Heat-retaining
  • Perspiration stain reducing
  • Antibacterial
  • Stain-resistant
  • Tough cotton(improved abrasion resistance)

We have a diverse track record of developing functional fabrics, including those made with synthetic materials as well as those made with cotton.

Development of trend-setting knit fabrics

We are capable of creating new textures using knit fabrics and fabric processing to suit market trends and meet the needs of customer brands. We are developing a system that allows us to start from scratch to develop fabrics together with experts so that we can provide new value to our customers in the rapidly changing fashion industry.
Our team of dedicated professionals starts with the very fibers of the fabric, capable of handling anything all the way up to research on the most intricately knit fabrics.

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