International Exchange

A bridge between Japan and Bangladesh

Since the opening of our factory in Bangladesh in 2009, we have been actively involved not only in business but also in international exchange on a personal level.
We have invited local dance groups from Bangladesh to Awa Odori festivals in Naruto and Tokushima for collaborative Awa Odori dance events, and we have also held Bangladesh exhibits in Naruto.

We will continue to carry out such activities, firm in the belief that exchange not only among businesspeople but also active promotion and development of various effective activities between Naruto and Bangladesh will revitalize the culture and economy of both of our countries.

With the blessing of both the Japanese and Bangladeshi governments, we provided guidance on the cultivation of Naruto Kintoki sweet potatoes to assist the farmers in Bangladesh that grow them, and the harvested potatoes were sold in 100 local stores.

Dissemination of information at a meeting held in Tokyo to 350 participants, including members of the Japan-Bangladesh Association and the general public. Co-sponsored by METI, MOFA, JICA, and JETRO.

Incoming Japanese Ambassador to Bangladesh Kiminori Iwama makes a visit to Naruto City. This commemorative photo was taken with Maruhisa employees.

Exhibition of the Tokushima specialty craft indigo dyeing at the International Folk Art Exhibition in Dhaka at the request of the Bangladeshi government.

Presentation ceremony for COVID-19 supplies to Narayanganj City from Naruto City and the Tokushima Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Association

The Mayor of Naruto and members of the Tokushima Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Association visited Narayanganj and received an enthusiastic welcome from Mayor Selina Ivy and many of the city’s residents.

Exhibition of Bangladeshi rickshaws and numerous traditional folk crafts and products made by companies operating in Bangladesh.

Organized by the Bangladeshi Embassy, Naruto City, and the Tokushima Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Association in an effort to let the residents of Naruto learn more about Bangladesh.

The Bangladeshi Embassy and business community paid a courtesy visit to the Tokushima Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Association and Naruto University of Education.

A visit to the Bangladesh Minister of Culture, with a promise made for cultural exchange with Naruto City.

A Bangladeshi dance troupe performs the collaborative Awa Odori dance in front of an audience of 8,000 at Aibahama Performance Hall.

An international festival was held in Fureai Park, featuring a collaborative performance by a Bangladeshi dance troupe and an Awa Odori dance troupe from Naruto.

Economic Forum in Naruto, hosted by the Tokushima Japan-Bangladesh Friendship Association. A number of Japanese businesspeople attended.

Mayor Selina Ivy of Narayanganj City in Bangladesh visits Maruhisa and meets technical intern trainees living and working in Japan.

Mayor Michihiko Izumi of Naruto City receives a courtesy visit from Bangladeshi Ambassador to Japan Masud Bin Momen, and International Theatre Institute President Ramendu Majumdar.